How many times does the average line auto worker work 24 hours / day?

Of course there are people everywhere who work long hours, but the proportion of Japanese doing it is much higher than here and it has lead to the high suicide rate that has been documented in the press. Japanese are very stressed out due to this pressure, and the peer pressure is part of the residual caste system.

It is hard to eliminate and still exists as a strong force, particularly in the countryside. The reason it is hard to eliminate is partly due to the language which has so many words relating to cast. In fact, when I speak the language, I am always cognizant of the term "me ue" and "me shita" or above my eyes (upper caste) and below my eyes (lower caste) implying 3 casts, upper, equal and lower.

I am also quite aware of the fact that women in Japan speak differently than men using entirely different verb inflections related to their lower caste in society.

And so a man would say "yoi otenki desu" (good weather) and a woman being lower caste and deferential would say "yoi otenki desho, ne" (probably good weather, don't you think) in approximate translation. One Japanese instructor (a woman) had a hard time teaching men, as she had to speak using the male verb forms, and she was trained to never do this in polite society.

I'm aware of similar fiascos to yours, seeing that after one large company relocated to Maylasia, their electronic equipment had an astounding 20% out of box failure rate.

I suggest that you search this forum and other photo forums for people complaining about Eastern European films. They complain about soft emulsions, grain, streaks, curl and other problems. Having film made by non-first line companies wherever they are is chancy too.