Near the end of my Konica Autoreflex collection. All Exc+ with pristine glass and snappy diaphragms, prices include shipping within the USA:
Konica Hexanon AR 28mm AE, f3.5, with original case and caps $45
Hexanon AR, 50mm f1.4 AE, Original caps, $55
Another 50mm f1.4 AE as above, $55
Hexanon AR, 52mm f1.8 EE, Original caps, chrome aperture ring, $35
Hexanon 52mm f1.8 EE with black aperture ring, original caps, $35
Hexanon 57mm f1.4 EE, A favorite of press photographers, $60
Hexanon AR 135mm f3.2 EE, black aperture ring, $45
Hexanon 200mm f4, AE, Case, caps (generic front cap) $35
Hexanon 35-70mm f3.5-f4.5 AE macro zoom, Konica caps, $45
Konica Hexanon teleconverter AR 2X, original case & caps, $50
Instructions only (copy, nice) for 55mm Hexanon Macro lens $10
Tamron 70-150mm f3.5, Adaptall II, original case & caps, later 1 touch model, uses 49mm filters, $35
Kiron 70-210mm f4.5 macro zoom nice! $35
Vivitar Series 1 (Kiron) f3.5 Macro Zoom, case, gorgeous, some paint loss on lettering on front cap, $45

Photos on request, Paypal accepted from verified users. Prefer to sell within the USA.