PJ, I don't have the chemicals. But I do have a little JOBO CPE-2 with drums and 4x5" spool, no lift though. I'll see if I can get hold of those chemicals too.

A dark room (note: Not darkroom) will be provided. Last year I changed films outdoors at night, it was darker there than in my darkroom at home!

I'm really aiming this at b&w, so I will be bringing a boxfull of raw chemicals (metol, phenidone, pyro, pyrocat, glycin, and the usual bromide, sulfite, thiosulfates and alkalis). An enough for some cyanotypes, van dykes, POP and such. That saves me bringing a complete darkroom - I doubt I could fit the enlarger into my car!

My biggest contact printing frame is 8x10". I do have a bigger one, but a 40x60" vacuum frame is not really portable...