I'm someone who used one and was not thoroughly enchanted with it. It is MASSIVE - this is not some toss-in-the-pocket rangefinder. The shutter makes this weird pinging noise when it actuates- instead of a quiet 'snick', it goes 'Pping!". And unlike my Contax G2, the lens barrel intrudes noticeably into the viewfinder. It takes some getting used to. Run some color film through one if you can borrow one before buying and see how you like what it does - I found it to be too contrasty a lens for my taste. These are just personal observations, so take them as such- the opinion of one individual. Your mileage may vary - you may love it, be indifferent, or even loathe the camera. I'm largely indifferent - it does produce nice big negatives and the lens and the overall build quality are excellent, but I found it to be unsatisfying ergonomically to use, and too big to carry around practically on a daily basis.