The problem is that the 24/7 news outlets are fighting for readers/viewers (ratings), and in the world of the web, these are 'easy numbers' to verify (page hits etc.). They're happy to show photos/video with 'Unverified footage' tags to achieve the ratings they want. What they really mean is - we're happy to show this because it's dramatic, we don't really know (and probably don't really care) who/when/where it was filmed, what their motives may be - but with a suitable 'breaking news' caption it becomes 'the truth'.

Media outlets are getting content from the 'audience' because technology makes it possible, some of this is interesting/news-worthy content 'in the thick' of the action, the rest is convenient/cheap/supposedly-dramatic.

I'm annoyed mostly by 'Breaking News' tags hours after a story broke and after it has fizzled out as a 'no-story' - "Breaking news, hours ago something looked like it was happening but it turned out not to be interesting but we still have what might have been dramatic coverage had everything gone badly wrong from our news helicopter (that costs a fortune) so we have to re-cycle this footage as much as possible to justify the cost - or that we have 'exclusive' coverage of a no-story that none of our competitors happen to have and we're going to milk it for as long as we can".

It's the in-depth story that suffers, it's not instantly newsworthy and unless it includes a celeb, few people will be interested.