I've seen over the last year a number of images made in cemeteries and am looking for advice on how to best go about it.Is it as simple as going to the house and asking permission to set up a tripod and shoot for the day or do you need to go through some paperwork.I've been somewhat cautious as they're all owned by someone,even if the cemetery is only a small plot,a gate and a few old tombstones and people visiting family members may not look too kindly to someone setting up shop where a familiy plot happens to be.Has anyone gone in,got permission,only to be confronted by a visitor or a worker unaware of your permission-and how do you respond,leave politely or just let them know you have permission and apologize for disturbing them.How long are you usually permitted to stay-and is a tripod even an option.Lastly,although I may not do this right away,how in the world do you get a model(esp nude) in a cemetery without drawing attention,or permission?