A friend has come to me with some negatives from WWII. There are pictures of airplanes, crew, and the like, taken aboard an aircraft carrier.He would like some prints. The negatives look in good shape and a single print he had from one of the negs looks good, but the emulsion side show some signs of aging. What I see is a reflection that looks a bit metallic and my guess is that the negs were not washed that well as nobody cared whether or not they should last this long. The metallic look is not in the form of an image, but more like the neg was in contact with another neg and there are areas with straight edges. Just holding them up to the light, and looking through them, they look fine.

Should I try to stop the deterioation? Is the damage done? Do they need to be refixed and washed? I'm not interested in any restoration as I think they will make fine prints for his needs, but if I can do something simple to stop this effect, I will.

The negs are 4x5 and 5x7. One is thin base, the rest are thick. One has 2 notches in the ID corner, the rest are unnotched. The 57 negs have some holes punched around the edges as if the neg holder held the neg in tension (?).