It's not that hard to obtain alt process chemicals in Europe, whatever our Belgian correspondent asserts.

Moersch in Germany and many others in Italy, France and Spain will ship all over Europe.

Rarer reagents and whatnot can often be found on eBay

In the UK it can be a little more difficult, such as Silverprint no longer selling dichromate to individuals, but generally the problem is the cost of shipping rather than unavailability.

It is impossible now to buy metaborate (of all things) in the UK, but even though Silverprint have stopped selling dichromate to individuals, one can still buy it by the bucketload from any number of online sellers

As for guns, Europe has never had a "gun culture" in the same way as the US, and the idea that the EU has "taken away our guns" is faintly bizarre ... but experience tells that bringing discussions about firearms into a photo thread is asking for it to degenerate fast and get locked. So better leave it there.