Sure, you can get stuff online at the moment (but often you break your bank in terms of shipping) but with more and more EU involvement it's only a matter of time until they enforce rules that prohibit shipping without special licenses and stuff. I rather want to buy my chems locally because of saving on shipping and don't have the risk of losing it on the way to me. Also, there is a certain degree of anonymity with buying locally. I rarely order chems online but when I do I always wonder when the bell rings if it will be the postman or the police. And before you call me paranoid, a few years back I regularly ordered items from Holland, one day I expected a package but instead of my package it was the local police asking me if I agree to voluntarily let them search my house for drugs (I refused of course). Turned out that some guy at the post office found it suspicious that I received that many boxes from Holland and he thought I was importing weed, so he called the cops on me. They never came back with an order, probably because they couldn't get any hard evidence for a court order. I'm just saying that in comparison with, say 20 years back, much has changed and not for the better.

And in terms of the guns, we indeed didn't have the same gun culture as in the US but till around the 1930's Europe actually had a gun culture in terms of many shooting clubs, just for the fun of it.This all changed over time and a few years back the EU jocks decided that no country in the EU should allow sale of a fire arm without license (for which you have to pay big €'s of course) because for a dictatorship nothing is more dangerous than an armed population, Hitler knew that and so did Stalin and we all know how that ended. Belgium was of course one of the first to lick the balls of the EU jocks. And man, how they licked, they licked them clean all the way. Nowadays shooting clubs are almost a thing of the past, they even have set a limit how many people can have a license in the whole of the country. It will come as no surprise that Belgium has just over 3.000.000 unlicensed weapons floating around on a population of little over 10.000.000 inhabitants. Yes, they try to take our guns away but in the end we don't let them.