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OK, If I see enough interest to warrant a run of anything, I will make it....

Barry Young
Hi Barry,

I'm still interested in obtaining some brass knurled knobs in various sizes. I'd be willing to purchase several sets sufficient for a number of view cameras. I don't really have any concern about the style of the knobs if someone else requested a specific clone to a common camera.

I'd take either diamond or straight knurled pieces. I would like the various sizes to have shoulders with set screws so that I could attach them easily to shafts. If you have a Reid Tool catalog I'd be looking for something like their SKA series only with a set screw instead of a pin. I'd also go for something like the KKT knurled knob series and would even settle for brass knurled blanks without the tapped or reamed holes since I could always do those operations myself (although I'd prefer not to). These items from Reid are adequate but I'm looking for brass knobs, not stainless , steel, or nickel-plated, etc. I want to use them with a dark walnut camera and I think brass would look best.

If anyone else puts in a request for knobs please let me know what you'll be making for them and chances are I can make it work for me as well.

I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow so will be out of touch until the 15th, so if you don't hear from me again until then, don't think I've lost interest.