Don't knock those zooms!!!

I've been using an Olympus (possibly 'Epic' or 'Stylus'?) for probably over 10 years. I can't even remember how long? Hundreds of rols of film through it. It's so beat up, all I can read on it is part of "Olym" and the 35-70mm on the lens. It's an 'Epic' style and I think the first model. It's still going and takes great pics.

My wife just recently wanted a new camera. She wanted a digi.... I couldn't bring myself to buy one. So I thought I would simply buy the new replacement for my Olympus, the newer Epic Stylus 170 zoom. Much bigger than mine but with more features and that loong zoom. She wasn't all that thrilled when she opened the box. Then figured out how to use it ( a half hour) and shot 4 or 5 rolls of film. Off to the one-hour place... Now she loves it and there's no more digi-talk! And I'm out my replacement camera ;-)

I think the Olympus cameras are the best with the sliding cover to protect the lenses. And if they all last like mine... What more can be said...