Go for the Canonet, despite what's been said. Here's why:

  • CHEAP. I got my last one for $35.
  • FAST SHARP LENS. Yes. Maybe a little prone to flare outside.
  • QUIET. Leaf-shutter, it's far quieter than an M6.
  • SMALL. Smaller than an M6, or a HiMatic.
  • YOU WON'T USE THE METER ANYWAY. If you are shooting in a bar, get a single valid mater reading from something in the light, then shoot manually based on that from that point forward. It's the only way you're going to get decent shots anyway, so ignore the automatic metering.
  • FLASH-SYNC AT ANY SPEED. Leaf shutter...
  • GUIDE-NUMBER AUTO FOR FLASH. It can set the f/stop according to the focus distance. Handy!

The only real downsides to this camera are that some of them are old and beat-up, they're flimsier than a pro camera, no interchangeable lenses. But hey, the whole kit is cheaper than a Leica lens cap.