8x10 color film is expensive. Check your local pro camera stores for old outdated stock.

I got an incredible deal on a bunch of transparency film. I bought five 50 sheet boxes of 8x10 64T EPY 6118, two 50 sheet boxes of 8x10 64T Electronic Ouput film, and 17 boxes of Fujichrome Astia 20 sheet 4x5 Quickloads from Wolf's Camera in Dallas. It was all expired film with dates ranging from September 2000 to December 2004, but had been kept refrigerated. I tested it, and it was all perfectly good. The EPY in 8x10 is stunning.

All togther, if the film were fresh and purchased from B&H or Adorama, I calculated it would come to $3705 dollars. I paid $10 per box, a total of $240. Amazing.