I use the Converted Bedroom Processing Lab that is right down the hall from my own bedroom for 8x10, 4x5, 120, and 35mm E-6 processing. Soon I'll be sending my Super 8 format work there too, the new 64T EPY stock (7280). Actually, I send all but my C-41 and RA-4 processing there.

It's a nice little lab, directly across from my guest bathroom. Jobo expert drum processing in Kodak E6. It's inexpensive, and it generally produces good quality results. The proprietor knows me and gives me a good deal. He processes film on my schedule, and that is very handy.

I do occasionally get some odd and unexpected scratches in one corner of each film. It's the same corner every time. I've been meaning to talk to the proprietor about it. I think he needs to exercise greater care when inserting and removing the film from the drum.