-The mirror is locked in the up position.
-Shutter button depresses but doesn't fire the shutter.
-Advance lever locked, although I still can turn the meter on and off.

Additional Info:

-If I turn the self timer lever it automatically returns to its initial position without depressing the shutter button, and eventually without firing the shutter.
-If I mount a lens, the lens is fully stopped down at the minimum aperture in the EE/AE position.

When and How did this happen?:

-I was taking some photographs (please feel free to correct the following prepositions) *in a concert *on the beach *at night (Which are the correct?). The camera was set to ISO 800, the speed @ 1/60 and the aperture @EE mark on my Hexanon 85mm/1.8 (Chrome ring), I recall that the automatic aperture was 1.8 (actually 1.7 displayed). I took the first picture, then I shot the second one but the viewfinder suddenly turned black. What I can't remember is if the shutter was already fired or not.

I have searched the net, and I have found this TC dissasembling http://members.tripod.com/rick_oleson/index-49.html
I have searched through the entire archives from
And also have found this Konica T4 repairing book
(I would buy it if they sold an online version)

I tried to dissasemble my T4, but a day before I reassembled it because I realized that I didn't know what excatly to do.

Any suggestion? What has happened to my camera? Which are the possible causes?(I'm not gonna send my camera to a camera repair specialist, that wouldn't have any sense to me. Because the T4 + Hex 50/1.7 + Flash + Konica Case + neckstrap... costed 38)

Thanks and greetings from Spain.