You could also try Kodak HC-110. Like Rodinal it is a highly concetrated one-shot developer - I dilute it 1:47. Convenient to use - no powder to mix and no stock-solution in bottles... Shelf life is quite god I believe (it hasn't let me down yet). HC-110 has not got the same sharp and defined actuance that Rodinal. On the other hand it is not as dissolving as Xtol.

For 135 films HC-110 is a very good developer, very close to Xtol. I turned down Xtol due to the mixing & botteling part of it, which I hate.

Still, as a highly diluted compensating developer (1:100) for 120 films Rodinal cannot be replaced.

If Agfa is shutting down its B&W products or not should not have any impact on any desicons regarding Rodinal,... it'll be around somehow anyway.