Wat vinden jullie hiervan???????

Formation of Photographic Standards Foundation Inc. (Donald Miller)

This is to inform those who have access to this site that this morning (1 August, 2005) I met with my attorneys pursuant to the formation of The Photographic Standards Foundation Inc..

The purpose of the Foundation will be to provide definable and verifiable standards that apply to labeling, identification, and definitions of all known photographic exposure and printing processes.

The Foundation will own the rights to all of the above definitions in all legal jurisdictions where the aforementioned rights are granted by the governing municipalities. By virtue of the aforementioned position the Foundation will become the governing body insofar as labeling or identification afixed to or attributed to any given example of photographic work. The Foundation will pursue all known or reported violations of the proper identification of photographic processes to the full extent of the law.

For those who have expressed concern over the intermingling and confusion over various terms of identification, this will provide for the first time the protection that all parties to the various processes have indicated that they want. These standards will be applied impartially and universally throughout the photographic community in all juridisdictions where license has been granted.

My attorneys indicated to me, this morning, that all necessary filings have been completed with the applicable Governmental agencies.

The formal announcement of the initiation of the Foundation operations will follow when all details have been competed.

I will keep you informed via this site and other locations throughout the photographic community regarding the details of this and it's implications as this will apply to each of you.

Ik heb contact gezocht met die jongens om te zien wat ze in Europa van plan zijn????
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