In my previous darkroom, I used my 4500-II with the baseboard. In the new darkroom, I have lots of room, and would like the ability to do really big prints (if the desire arises), so I want to wall-mount the enlarger. I have the two brackets, but there's something amiss...

The top bracket is about 1" longer than the bottom bracket. This means that when the enlarger is wall mounted, the top of the column will be further away from the wall than the base. The 4500-II utilitizes a straight column, so this tilt is most definitely *not* wanted.

So, to those who have the 4500-II, or the XLG and wall mount, how did you do it? Were your brackets the same length (or was the hole in the top bracket placed so that the column would be straight), or did you shim out the bottom bracket so the column would be parallel to the wall?

I can certainly drill more holes in the top bracket to allow for more adjustability, but having to do so seems quite silly to me.