It is very easy to explain. The business paradigm is about return on investment for share holders NOW. American business does not look at long term trends or try to weather recession or short economic downturns. If the stock price starts to fall the battle cry is cut jobs, drop products, consolidate brands, ship production overseas. No one looks at the long term ramifications for their particular industry or the nation as a whole.

Business decisions today are not based on logic and rationale but knee jerk reactions to other companies knee jerk reactions. many decisons in industry today are designed to try to boost stock price through cost cutting, but little thought is given to better servicing existing customers or growing your customer base. When companies do try to gain market share it is often a keeping up with the joneses. Smaller and smaller amounts of capital are going into R&D at the biggest corporations like Kodak.

Remember, CEOs and directors need to protect those fat nest eggs and bonuses.

Or to make a long sad story short, It's not what have you done before but what is the stock price this quarter.

And to just repeat what i have said before, there will always be film available. It will all be manufactured in China, Malaysia, Phillipines, Mexico, Vietnam etc. In other words, almost any place they can get away with using virtual slave labor considering the wages that are paid.