Got to add my happy story. I use a mint and I mean perfect Ricoh xr-P, came with the Rikenon 50mm f2 P lens. I haven't been able to find a f1.4 and everytime a f1.7 comes up on ebay I get outbid. recently saw a Pentax K1000 on ebay and bid $12 for it just because it had the Rikenon F1.7 P. Evidently people looking at K1000's didn't realise how good the Ricoh lenses are. Got it for $11.50. It came today, I put the f1.7 on my Ricoh, an old pentax 50mm f2.0A on the K1000 and to my surprise the camera works great. So another backup manual camera and a lens I've looked for for months for $11.50