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Okay, again I come at things from a different perspective, but I gotta question.

Do you ask your techs their opinions? If so, do you want them to be honest? If not, do you expect them to comment on the wonderfulness of your talent anyway?

I personally have chosen honesty which means I am usually so looking at the detail issues, that I forget to actually look at the images as whole.
First question .... I don't have any techs. Do I ask those I associate with for their opinions? Uh... about what?
My answer would be the classic, "Yes, no, and sometimes". If I have a technical problem, certainly I would try every avenue possible to solve it, including asking someone, without hesitation.
If it is a matter of curiousity about how others respond to my work (happens occasionally) I don't think I'd out-and-out ask, but I'd try to subtly "worm" it out of them. Or maybe I would ask them directly. Depends.
If it is a matter of deep probing questions without answers - discussions of aesthetics, vision, impulses - what I will react to from some unknown stimulus in the future --- It would not be so much of a question as it would be provoking a discussion and LISTENING.

I too have chosen honesty. That doesn't mean super-pickiness. The - not ultimate - but something close, - appreciation of a photograph would be based on the over-all `macro' photograph as a whole. The details, proper focus, tonal scale, empiracal compositonal structure, are all interesting, but to de-construct a photograph and judge it by the bits and pieces is to me a terrible, gross DISHONESTY.

Now... *do* I expect - *would* I expect anyone to comment on the "wonderfulness" of my work? No, I don't. It would be closer to the truth if I emphasized that ....

It is great to connect with someone. I recently commented on an oil painting in a gallery" "Reminds me of the style of Waterhouse's `Death of Ophelia'. Not anything like a copy, but in some way, I `see' something like that here." Her reply, "Wow!! That is who I was thinking about when I painted that!!"

It is great when it happens ... but I do not "expect it - and that is not the motivatoin behind my work. I do it because I feel better when I do it than I do when I don't do it.
All else, the connections, the good comments, praise (gratefully accepted) is a plus - icing on the cake.