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While we're on the subject of processing... is there a lab that people send their film to that does excellent work and is still inexpensive? I'm paying $13 for E6 and $9 for C-41 process only at the local 'pro' lab.
hi ara

where are you taking your film ... abar ?
there are a few other labs in the providence area you could try ...
renaisance on the east side
and in pawtucket there is imagemakers.

in the boston area ... like art says, spectrum does really good work,
but outside of boston there is zona ( somerville) dorian ( in arlington ) and there is someone in the schwab mills in arlington hieghts who does amazing work too, but i can't remember their name ... they are in a boston area yellow pages though under "photo finishers"

i am sure any of the "out of town" places have a way to mail film to them ... but i don't know if you will be saving any money ...

when you start using walmart or sams club you'll cringe a little, but it will be less than 1/2 what you are paying, way less ... ( $5 e6 and less than $4 c41)