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John (jnanian),
Thanks for the advice on the local labs. I've been going to Abar, but I think I'll try the others for the hell of it. Abar is just too damn expensive, plus their professionalism has gone down the drain.

I know what you're saying about Walmart, etc. I started taking my C-41 to Ritz Camera and doing 'develop only' for $4.50 (half the price of Abar). Yeah, they're using rollers instead of dip and dunk, but I scan my negs and Digital Ice cleans up any scratches perfectly. Years ago, I used to work at a Ritz and they take their lab fairly seriously as opposed to a drug store or Walmart. Plus, I'd never give Walmart any of my hard-earned cash. I wonder if Ritz would do cross processing.
yeah ara

i only take things to abar if i am getting paid for it

if you are getting prints, all the places mentioned in ri ( i haven't taken film to the boston labs in 6 years or so ) scan and light jet, so you loose information in your highlights. if you want wet-process "classic print" (black & white) from abar, it will cost you a fortune and it'll be on rc paper...