Hi Mr. Dnmilikan!
Thanks for such a promt feedback. Reason for my question is that Iīm not satisfied with the results using ordinary technique, usm, split filter, highlight bleeching, selenium, dodge and burn. It delivers nice pictures but not with "it" in them. Nobody around me are making their own masks so there is non to ask.
Reading about the Kit and the possibilities shown on their webite told me that, that might be the solution. But, as English is not my ordinary language I didnīt really understand what the Kit contained. There seem to be quite a lot of written information and "how toīs" in the kit. But to me items to work with practicaly is just as important and this doesnīt seem to be included only ways to obtain them(probably USA).
Paying over $100 incl p&p (Europe) for something that donīt gives me the introduction, guidelines AND material I need seems like a waste. On the other hand - I havenīt been able to find any similar litterature on the subject. Now Iīm really confused!!
Do you maybe have an alternative suggestion author/litterarture/website where I can get a really good look in the procedure on how to make those different masks?
Best regards