What a joy to get such elevating respons.
Maybe not the right forum but I feel I shortly should introduce myself. Im a "oldfashioned" darkroom enthusiast prefably B/W but I also work color - all manual of course. Not a youth directly but that doesnt stop me since Ive always been working with "picture" in various form.
Since 5 years back Ive put all that aside, now concentrating only on photo, gum bichromate and soon mordancage.
The analog negative is of highest value to me in all 3 techniques. So - I want to be able to make the most and perfect use of it.
Cameras: beloved 4x5" field camera, old Kowa super 66 medium format, HBL X-pan. All cameras produces exellent negatives but I mostly use X-pan and the Field camera. Films: Tri-x, T-max, Ilford delta depending on situation. Halftone: Agfa P3p and graphic Ortho OP12 for Gum Bichromate.
So back to things that matters. The USM (unsharp masking) Im well at home with. Its the other kind of tone separating masks Im qurious about and really want to learn how to use.
I certainly do hope there will be a lot more members asking for an article in how to produce and use those masks (so the Lynn Radeka Masking Kit is put on ice for now) although I wont be able to understand it completly - but thank God for dictionaries and some patience.
Here in Scandinavia its far beyond midnight now so Ill say thank you for now and good night.