After returning from two recent trips where I took the C220 instead of a view camera (and shot with it heavily), I was wondering if anyone had ever custom-built a wide-angle lens for these cameras? I of course know about the 55, (I'm using a 65 black as a normal), but that isn't all that wide in 6x6. Anyone have any thoughts on adapting something such as the SA 47mm, or know of another lens in the 40mm-ish focal length with its own shutter that's compact enough to be mounted on a Mamiya TLR plate? The reference point should probably be that I use a 24mm on the Nikon about 1/3 of the time.

Maybe this is just the result of a TLR fever this summer (tetracyline is probably the cure), but I found that it makes an excellent travel camera which complements the F quite nicely. The Velvia/Portra from Oregon is gorgeous, and it's hard to complain about negatives big enough to see.