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While square negatives (6x6) are quite nice, I think I am more of a rectangular guy.

Now to figure out which camera...
Well, don't be a piker, then, get a 6x9! I've got a Voigtlander Rollfilmkamera that was made in 1928 that makes the second-best negatives I've seen short of large format (my Kodak Reflex II makes the best). You can buy non-rangefinder cameras in this category for under $20, and the ones made before WWII often have leather bellows that, if not completely fine, are at least repairable; even the cheaper lenses are pretty good and the Tessars and Skopars are pretty well distributed and very, very good (though flare-prone if uncoated).

If you really like 6x4.5, consider one of the half-frame Ikontas or a Daiichi Zenobia -- these little folders are comparable in size to a 35 mm with retracting lens (a little bigger than a collapsed Rollei 35, but about the same as a collapsible lens Leica), and are capable of doing justice to the 6x4.5 negative (and if it fits in a pocket, you can always have it with you).