Well - it wasn't so much about the tapcons themselves. You could probably find a way to make them work. But using SDS equipment (hammer drills) is a REALLY bad idea with brick. You have no idea what it does to a mortar joint. Granted - it MAY be possible to successfully do it - completely depending on the chemistry of the mortar in question. But the only way would be through extensive testing - ultrasound, x-rays etc... not something I'd want to mess with. If you hung a cabinet on a brick wall with an SDS drill and the wall collapsed - you could very easily find yourself in a MASSIVE lawsuit. I'm probably overstating the case a bit. But you can NEVER be too careful with such things. I live in a brick loft space - I had to hang 4x15" ledgers to support the loft. My engineer suggested 3/4" bent hanger rod - angling down 45 degrees into the wall with a min. penetration of 12". I used a hilti drill - but with the SDS off. It was a bitch - and it took awhile. But it was still do-able. For ANYTHING load-bearing in brick I wouldn't use ANYTHING but epoxy anchors. But for something really light and non-load bearing the compression anchors work okay.

that's my 2 cents on the subject.