Hi, I have bought a Hasselblad 501 kit (with cfe 80 2.8) - and I must say that I am disappointed regarding the lens. The bokeh is not nice. I have developed one film taken with the camera/lens. All pictures were taken wide open (2.8) in grey weather. There is especially one picture where the focus is at apprx 1 meter and the grey sky is seen through a tree that is ugly (the rest are actually quite nice). The other lenses I have are: konica hexanon K(M?)-50 2.0 (leica mount), mamiya 645 80 2.8, old large-format lens by schneider, 50s fold camera by leitz (80mm) and a canon FD 50 1.4. If I were to rate these based on this film alone, konica would be on the the top and hasselblad and the old canon on the bottom. Have others experienced the same?
I guess I will have to test the lens a bit more - but it would be great to get some feedback. All the reviews I have seen regarding this lens has been good - so I hope it was just a bad bokeh situation.