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As the film market shrinks it will become challenging to find many of the things we take for granted.
At the same time I think many things that we have not been able to find will become available. I'd expect, for instance, an increased availability of printing out and gaslight papers, exotic emulsions and all kinds of esoteric goods for the film cognoscenti. Today there are more opportunities than there have been for over half a century. I'd expect to see within the next year several small artisan photographic paper smiths poping up.

The main reason for the decline of companies such as Jobo is not just the decline in the film market but also the reduction in transaction costs for used gear through the Internet. Combined with a shift in demand this has led to a free fall in used prices and a total collapse of demand for new goods.

Already now we have seen through the collapse a major move upwards in the technical quality of our amateur darkrooms. I don't know about you but these days we are starting to "take for granted" the best gear ever made for small change.