I have found that it is easier to represent my own work than have it represented by others. Let me explain. I am a third generation photographer, and I have what adds up to 80 years worth of well archived photography. When the internet was first coming around in the early 90's, I sought to write my own stock photo site, and it worked. Now, I never competed with the likes of the big photo houses, but the real goal was met. I occupied myself during my non-assignment down time doing photo related tasks that I enjoyed. I have spent thousands of hours scanning, keywording, and editing photos for over ten years now. I have only given away commissions along the way once, for a short while, when I was being represented by an agency. Though I was happy with the commissions that I got from that venue, I wanted to do it on my own, and I did. I myself have paid people along the way to do keywording and site building for my own project. I have found a great deal of happiness doing it, and recommend it to anybody who has the spare time and devotion to do it.

One set of tools that I recommend comes from: Ktools.net. This software is the platform that I built my most recent stock photo site on, and it is very powerful. I am able to manage mulitple photographers, bulk list photographs, and track sales, all in one place. I never would have been able to build such a robust package on my own, and, frankly, this is the software that I had been wanting for years. WR