I believe for any company it is hard to resist the gold rush that started with this "digital revolution". As I mentioned once on another post, when you went into a pro or semi pro camera store ten or fifteen years ago they all sold cameras, large and small format as well as lights and goodies. In their darkroom department they sold the usual darkroom equipment. Almost everything had dust on it from the lack of turnover. Once you bought it, it lasted for years.

When digital hit, they had a whole new cash cow, that generated huge amounts of money, partly because every photographer had to start over and buy everything new, and secondly the stuff is obsolete in a few months. Every photography magazine ( well almost) gets it's revenue from the digital ads, hence every story is about digital.

So I guess my point is all the conglomerates want a piece of the action and we all know conglomerates only care about one thing, the bottom line.

The people who will take care of us in the future are the boutique companies that care about analog-silver prints. After a few years and the conglomerates see that where they went is no longer working and they are missing huge revenues, they will buy up the boutique companies.

This happened in the movie industry. The conglomerates only cared about blockbuster movies and for a number of years only turned out crap. Independants started making small entertaining great movies and making money at it. The conglomerates then bought them all up and kept their independant names so the public would think they were still small independants.

Michael MCBlane