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Hey Dug,
Did you ever get your kit?
Are you going to mix less than the full 5L?
If so, does it look difficult?
I've got one on order from Calumet...
Dave - Got the kit. It has mixing instructions for 1, 2, and 5 liter working solutions. It is no more difficult then before, except for measuring out of large concentrate containers rather than the "pour n' stir" from the little bottles in the p-30 kit. It does not include the instructions that used to come with the p-30 kit about reusing the chemicals (1/2 new 1/2 used) to extend the life and has specific disposal requirements. From the instruction sheet and packaging, it appears to be appealing to people who are already familiar with the chemicals and process. I am inclined to turn the old P-30 instructions into a pdf to give folks more info. The concentrates are good for 3 years unmixed, according to the instruction sheet.

I'll let folks know how it turns out when I crack open the kit (next week? maybe?)