The modifications and additions that allow precise registration on my enlarger are in the nature of the following:

1. Film punch with redesigned and installed punch dies and a fence to provide for precise film positioning while punching.
2. Mask printing frame that has registration pins incorporated to allow the film and mask material to be printed in registration.
3. Redesigned enlarger negative stage that is bolted to the enlarger lamp house for stability and that has stops installed for negative carrier positioning and also an adjustable tightening bar to lock the negative carrier in position.
4. Redesigned negative carrier that has registration pins to provide for precise negative and mask positioning.

As I have previously mentioned my system is enlarger mfg and model specific. I purchased Lynn Radeka's original system and looked at Lynn's new system and opted to spend the additional money because of greater precision.

My actual cost of these modifications came to very near $1,000.00.