OK, so I am having this problem with a blue (slight) color cast when processing 8x10 transparencies on my Jobo CPP-2 processor.

I am using Kodak chemistry and mixing according to the instructions. Times and Temps are accurate. I am using a 60% working solution on my reversal bath as per Jobo's instructions. Plenty of rinses between chemicals (except between reversal bath and color develper) so contamination shouldn't be a factor. I am using Ektachrome 64T under tungsten lights (3200k) and checked the color temp of the lights (they are right on).

I've processed hundreds of 4x5 transparencies using the same chemistry, same set-up same everything....except the processor is a Photo-therm. No problems.

I've mixed up new batches of chemistry, checked and re-checked temps, nursed the processor along, said a few prayers and still the problem rears it's ugly head.

I really hate burning through 8x10 film and having to re-shoot the job over and over, but the color has to be right on.

Any of you E-6 guru's out there who may have some suggestions, please don't be shy!

Thanks, Rick