I feel the most important question to answer is "what am I going to do with this camera"?

If you intend to exploit the maximum quality that you can get from 120 roll film and wish to have the utmost flexibility in image mamagement and do not intend to use the camera hand held then something like a Arca Swiss 2x3 view camera would be wonderful. If you wanted to use it handheld for a small portion of the work then the Horseman ER1 would be a wonderful compromise but very difficult to find. If you intend to use it mainly handheld then a Haaselblad using Copal shutters is a good chice if you need interchangeable lenses. Uf use do not need interchangeable lenses than a Rolleiflex 3.5 F with Zeiss Planar is extremely hard to beat and I have seen these cameras over the last 40 years continually increase in value.

So, do you know what you wish to use the camera for?