I believe Omega will sell to anyone with a Valid Visa or Mastercard.
For example I am not a reseller but I have been able to buy from manufactures in the past. It helps that I have a factory trained technicion on staff who can isolate problems and just order part #s.

I truly believe the reason Omega is taking over this line is because they will develop a line of nearly affordable digital heads for their omega chassis.
If they do this then they need to offer the small shop and hobbists a method of running the prints. It has been shown in the past that Jobo is an excellent
product line for doing film and prints of all types(ciba,ra4 black and white).

I think if I am right , Omega is making a brilliant move and this step is of great interest to all of us as the traditional end product will be now required by both camps*digital* and *traditional*

Deveere has already started this and with some success*San Miquel * labs for one example.

Regarding, is the time right to buy, I don't know your situation, for me I would buy old 2300's and buy the working parts from Omega.
I have had to replace the lift arms for both my Jobos more than twice, Without my tech guy I definately would not be able to do it. Therefore I first would want to find out *who in your area can tear one of these units apart and put back together* if you have someone then by all means by the machine now and get parts from Omega.. A typical Alt2300 has approximately 36,000 lifts before it will give you problems and you can find out on any jobo how many lifts are on the machine you are thinking on buying.
I think I can buy a used Alt2300 for around $1500-$4500 , the first thing I would do is count the lifts , if it is over 30000 then I would drop my bid by $1000, as this is what I approximate the cost of a new arm and the installation of it. We have done over 6 lift changes since I bought into the Jobo line.

I am deeply relieved that Jobo product will be around for a longer period of time as I would not know how to produce film of the same quality any other way.

hope this post helps in your decision