Obviously, once again, you are the person to address when it comes to matters of an extreme technical nature. All that I know, not being a machinist myself, is that the machinists that I have had contact with (including my son who works for Boeing here in Wichita) is that they commonly use the term "press fit" and that is identified by the clearance dimensions that I provided.

Now I will give you that it may be a local machining term. However we have somewhat of a aircraft manufacturing hub here and normally employ a number of machinists and engineers. Therefore we are are not located in some remote technically impoverished hinterland.

I indicated my reasons for doing what I did in regards to a registration system for my photographic applications. Beyond that I have "no dog in this fight". However, if in the future I want the real "skinny" on something of a technical nature I will contact you.

Thanks for sharing your input.