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thanks for the info--I need to get a new energy therm before the Printo becomes an obsolete piece of esoteric lab equipment like an Ilford processor. in other words, a money pit...a source of constant frustration....a piece of crap...
Durst ist not Ilford and the Printo is a more modern piece of gear sold in larger numbers. While it is, I think, no longer in production it is still a current item (and shall remain probably for some years to come) and Durst policy is to continue support (spare parts) for no less than 5 but typically as long as a decade after final customer delivery. There are also many dealers and distributors that have stocks of spares so even when Dust no longer has "official" support on offer there can well continue to be spares available--- just as there are parts still available for enlargers that Durst stopped making over 30 years ago.

As to Dust modules: they are cheap on the used market (at least in Germany).

that's my take on this---great. you can get all the lab gear you never could afford before, except no parts. I'd be really concerned about it if I owned an ATL machine. I'd be stockpiling all the major parts right now.
Unless you get them from the junk pile I don't see the reason. Spare parts for the Jobo ATL machines tend to be very expensive--- at his point in the game something like a pump, motor or controller will be more expensive than the purchase of a whole backup system on the used market. Unless there is a bigtime renaissance in these I suspect over the next few years we will continue to see a good supply of good condition ATLs entering the market at lower than low prices.