Ok, I finally got around to installing the new seals and performing a general cleaning of this camera. Jon Goodman's kit went in without any problems thanks to his wonderful instructions. With the camera back together and film in it for the first time, I now notice a problem with the film advance.

It advances fine, but there's no lockout to keep you from cranking the advance as many times as you want. In addition, the exposure counter does not work. I noticed this before loading film, but assumed it was because there was no film loaded (I've seen other old cameras do this). When I had the top plate off, I didn't notice anything obviously out of place or broken.

There's the slight possibility it might've been dropped. There are some very shallow dings in the filter ring and there was a broken off plastic stud from a tripod in the tripod socket. There's no other damage.

What might the problem be? Other than this and a bit of dust between the elements, the camera is nearly perfect.