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OK, I will go do that. What I was really getting at though was your statement that Kodak is "getting out of black and white". While they have announced that they will discontinue the manufacture of b&w papers, I have not seen an announcement that they are pulling out of the manufacturing of all other b&w materials and chemistry. If they have made such an announcement, I'd like to see it. While the implications of recent Kodak actions are disconcerting vis-a-vis b&w, and I could certainly conclude that fully pulling out of b&w is what will happen, it is not official. Years ago when they introduced T-Max they also announced they would discontinue Tri-X. But they changed their minds.

Last thing I herd was B&W film and Developer is still selling strong its the paper which isn't doing to well, did Ilfords shares go up when kodak made this anouncement?