I use my Fuji GW670 and GSW690 cameras for weddings, posed group shots, scenic shots, and the architectural shots that do not require the perspective and depth-of-field adjustments provided by large format view cameras.

Here are some of the quirks I have noticed while using these great cameras. Some of them have already been mentioned by previous posters.

It is difficult to adjust shutter speed and f/stop because controls are so close together.

When a filter is attached, the retractable lens hood covers the shutter and f/stop controls.

It is easy to waste a shot when picking up camera and accidentally pressing the shutter release on the front of camera.

The shutter release lock on the front of the camera locks both shutter releases.

There is no B shutter speed. The T setting is used instead for long exposures, however, to get the shutter to close; you must turn the shutter speed ring or move the film advance lever.

There is only an X sync (There is no sync for flash bulbs and I love big flash bulbs for large group shots)

The focus scale is only calibrated in meters.

The right side camera strap sometimes gets caught when closing the camera back resulting in light struck film.

The shutter speed cannot be set between click stops. It must be set only at the click stops.