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OK, I've got the 150mm lens on, and I want to shoot f/4 with a shutter speed of 2 seconds. Except that the lens seems to be fixed such that I'm stuck with f/4 and 1/250 (and f/5.6 is 1/125, f/8 is 1/60th, etc.).
How do I set the aperture and shutter speed independently?
??? I'm more than a little confused by some of the replies here. You are inquiring about the Hasselblad Zeiss Sonnar 150mm CF ... aren't you?

On this lens, the aperture settting tab, located to the right of the f/stop numbers (lens facing forward) is a "double". There is a push button in the center of this tab that locks aperture and shutter speeds together when depressed. Moving the tab without depressing the button *should* set only the aperture.... if it is stuck down, it has to be "unstuck".

The knurled furthermost forward ring sets the shutter speeds - and should be independent when that locking button is not depressed.

On this lens, the "wide" button to the left of the PC synchronization socket is a depth-of-filed preview button. If pressed down, it will close the aperture, and "rocking" it will release it.

One other button of note - on the shutter speed ring, there is a red button, and a red "F". The red button must be depressed to rotate the shutter spped ring to the red "F" setting, which disables the between the lens shutter for use on cameras with focal-plane shutters.

Those shutter controls are common to the other Hasselblad CF lenses I have - the 80mm Planar and 50mm Distagon.

If you are still having troubles, let me know and I'll send copies of the lens manuals.