I shoot all the formats from 810 to 35mm and when I'm doing what I like best, I use a 57, but I have the Mamiya 7 (non 2) with 43mm, 80mm, and 150mm. A great combo. It doesn't do macro, but everything else is superb. When I take just one camera, this is the one. Quiet. Nice size neg. Good meter. Easy to use. I also use a Pentax 67ii, but it doesn't get much use except for closeup work. I had Hassies in the old days, but the square drives me nuts. I like Fuji 69s for the format, but the shutter was so LOUD and it didn't have a meter or any auto function. If I'm going to use a smaller camera, it is so I can work faster.

The original M7 bodies are pretty cheap, but the lenses have become fairly expensive. If you like wide angle, the 43 mm is one of the finest lenses made.