I agree with brent. The bokeh of the 80mm planar is very good and there aren't many lenses which come close. The only weak point is the pentagonal shape of specular highlights but this only comes into play under high-contrast lighting and has little to do with the overall blurr of oof-objetcs which is awesome.
In addition it isn't very wise to expect a favourable effect on the picture from bokeh under high-contrast lighting. If you have a unpleasant high-contrast background, blurring it and hoping for a lenses bokeh to do wonders won't help much. I made a fool out of myself to often by complaning about the bokeh of lenses which I heard were highly regarded in this respect because I tried them under such conditions. If the lighting is flat it is much easier to make use of a lenses bokeh and this is were the differences will show up most pronounced. Ever tried a Rollei 2,8 with Planar at about f4? Pentagonal aperture but bokeh to die for!