It might not be many lenses that come close, and I might have cried wolf when it was not...but it might have been some other canine animal I saw ;-). Why does it have only 5 aperture blades? Because of cost? Well, IMHO the lens is expensive enough and pentagons are never nice; Hasselblad and Zeiss should have gone for more aperture blades!
As for taking pictures with the lens wide open: I think I can live with the limitations and oportunities and the bokeh it provides - I can learn to use the strong bokeh and halo for artistic purposes. (The same way one can take advantage of a Holga for artistic purposes ;-) ) The bokeh was the main reason why I bought the Hasselblad - I just seems like I happened to stumble upon a situation where other lenses seems to do a better job, as I got too much of what I asked for.