I also have the old Mamiya Universal system. A very complete and clean system with 50mm, 75mm, 2.8 100mm, 127mm, and 150mm. It has at least 2 backs, 6X7 and 6X9 roll, and it has the ground glass viewer. The rangefinder works with 100 and 150 and it's easy to include the 127. The 50 and 75 have accy finders. It was my "color" camera for many years but the last time it was used has been about 3 years now so I suppose it could be sold. I did a large grant for Pioneer Territory Nevada and made 14 mural size photos that are on permanent display. It's one of the few system cameras that lets you choose between 6X7 or 6X9. There were also Polaroid pack film backs for it but I don't have one of those. If you're interested I'll price the stuff out and make a package price for you.