From my old "The Manual of Photography" (formerly "The Ilford Manual of Photography")...

ID-36 MQ universal developer for films and papers:

3g metol

50g sodium sulfite

12.5g hydroquinone

72g sodium carbonate

0.75g potassium bromide

1 liter water to make

For films:

Dish - Dilute 1:3 with water.
Tank - Dilute 1:7

For contact paper:
Dilute 1:1

For enlarging papers:
Dilute 1:3

And ID-62 PQ universal developer:

50g sodium sulfite

60g sodium carbonate

12g hydroquinone

0.5g phenidone

2g potassium bromide

20ml IBT restrainer

1 liter water to make

Same dilutions as for the MQ developer. The Manual suggests some times for this developer, which may apply to the MQ version as well: 75 seconds to 3-3/4 minutes at 1:3 for dish development; 3-7.5 minutes at 1:7 for tank development.

Judging from the ingredients listed for various other traditional Ilford developers and recalling a bit about the then-available films, these universal developers would probably deliver acceptable results with slower, finer grain films using more traditional emulsions such as Plus-X, FP4+, Efke, Foma and similar films.

Also, what distinguishes most traditional paper developers from most traditional film developers in this manual is the addition of sodium carbonate and potassium bromide to the paper developers (or to film developers intended for high acutance, high contrast, or other specialty purposes).