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How about a Bessa-L or -T with a 90mm Lanthar? It is hard to find a sharper lens or a smaller camera - and since everything is at infinity you might as well go for the L which has no rangefinder
The Bessa L and T are fine, compact 35mm cameras. I just shot a lot of color film with my Bessa T in the Eastern Sierra Nevada (and a few rolls of EFKE 100 and Foma 100 & 200 in my Bessa II and Perkeo II).

However, the original subject of this thread was about a recommendation for a 35mm autoexposure RF camera that could do aerial photography with minimal difficulty for the pilot who was taking the pictures while flying the plane.

My recommendation for this purpose remains the Contax G2 with the 90mm Sonnar. I would (and have in this application) set the G2's focus to manual-infinity and let the G2's autoexposure and automatic film advance-burst capability do its thing.