I had a recent discussion with a friend about bracketing exposures. We both agree that some people can get it spot on every time with a good meter and familiarization with materials. But I find that bracketing seems to be inversely proportional to the cost of the format, at least for me. i will bracket with 35mm, especially if I am making test shots for a future return to the site with an LF camera. 4x5 I will usually make at least one more shot with one extra stop exposure, and for 8x10 I will also grit my teeth and shoot an extra shot.

With 11x14 I almost never do unless it is something that I feel might make a good alternative process neg and will expose for that or I may make a duplicate exposure if I think I may want to use dyes or on the film masks.

Of course, if it is something of once in a lifetime quality, I will make one extra shot of the one exposure I believe is correct.

The funny thing is, I am almost always spot on with my first calculation and so I waste fim. Any suggestions on how I can improve my trust in my own abilities? And also, what are others attitudes towards bracketing exposures.